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Daryl walked through the remaining dust on the ground and walked through the door and into the courtyard.

Lying stretched out on a pool seat, in a tight, blue bikini, was Selena Gomez. She was soaking up the sunlight, seemingly asleep with her sunglasses on, her breasts heaving with each deep breath she took. From his shoulder he took a wine skin full of fresh river water, hoping that's all he'd need. As he approached the sleeping vixen, she  sat up and looked at him.

"Well hello there," she said, smiling at him, "what're you doing here?"

"I'm here for you, Selena," said Daryl, the water skin at his side. "I've already disposed of your guard dog, she sends her regards." He holds up Miley's top, still in shreds, in one hand, her belly ring in the other.

Selena's breath catches in her chest and she puts her hand to her heart, her belly heaving as she panted in horror.

"Why do you have your water skin out?" she asked, her trembling finger pointed at it. Without answering, he smirked at her fear and pulled the top off. She screamed as he splashed it toward her, but dodged it at the last moment, the deadly liquid painting the chair she had just left.

"I know things you don't, you evil witch!" shouted Daryl, towering over her shrieks as he cornered her. She was so terrified of the water, the one thing she knew could end her for good, that she was too upset to be able to use her powers.

"P-pleeeaase," she whimpered, shielding her face with her arm and crouching on the stone floor. It was so wet from his attacks that her hands and knees were steaming as the moisture attacked her skin.

"Will you surrender?" he asked, but with no malice. He almost felt sorry for her, evil and pathetic as she was.

"I..." she began, in the softest whisper she could manage, "I surrender." Her shoulders shook with her sobs as she bowed her head at his feet. He crouched down and filled the water skin completely before standing over her, lifting her chin up so she could look up. He leaned her back and untied her bikini top, letting it fall to the ground. Her gasping breath quickened as she saw his raise the water skin over her body.

"Oh god, oh God," she shouted in horror, "I'm not ready! No, no wait, DONT!" but it was too late. He turned the top over and poured the water all over her chest, where it dripped down her stomach and her sides, cascading down her thighs and burning like acid.

"AAAAIIIEEEEE!" she shrieked, her arms over her head, cringing in pain as her fingers began to drip. "No! No, please, I don't wanna die! Ohhhhh I'm Melting, MELTING!" She twisted and writhed in agony as the water seeped into her skin, filling every cell with death.

"OHHHHH NOOOO, I'm dying! It hurts, I can't take it, it burns! I can't believe you found out how to kill us! We're all so powerful, and one man is going to send us all to hell! NOOOOOO!" He looked at her squirm and flail as her legs sunk below the surface, her hips almost gone. Her body had lost its tight, tender form and was beginning to dissolve as well. Her abs remained intact, but drops were running down her belly, leaving grooves as they fell and slipped into the puddle around her. Her breasts had grown from the flow of her melted insides, taking her from a b cup to the d cup she's always wanted. She groped her breasts and squeezed hard, moaning loudly as her navel sunk beneath the surface.

Suddenly, her breath quickened, and he could tell she could feel the end coming.

"Oh no," she whispered, still clutching her left breast, "I'm dying. No, oh god NO, I'M DYING, I'M REALLY DYING! I CANT, I'M TOO YOUNG, I DON'T WANNA GO!"

Daryl couldn't stand it anymore. He grabbed her right breast and pushed her hard toward the pool. She shrieked loudly and shrill as she slid across the floor and into the water, completely submerged. She pops out seconds later, her decaying arms trying to claw their way out of the pool, but she slides back, terror and desperation in her tear-filled eyes.

"I...I'm going..." she whispered as her breasts sank, taking her arms and shoulders with them. With one final moan, she was gone.

Daryl knelt down and sifted through her remains, scooping up a handful and letting the liquid drip through his fingers. In his palm was Selena's bellybutton ring. The diamond had turned warm, and blood red. She had gone to the first level of hell, where its residents are scourged and groped for all eternity, toys for Satan's Christmas tree.
Chapter 2: Selena
Daryl has defeated Miley, who cursed her unwitting comrades to damnation, and has passed through the first floor. Now he faces Selena, who is even more powerful; but he knows how to deal with her ;).
I'm looking for new sources for stories, and am taking all volunteers for the job. If anyone wants to read about themselves being stabbed/shot/staked through the chest/belly/back and have their body completely destroyed, feel free to send me a note!

In the case of those who wish to portray vampires, demonesses or witches, sunlight and holy water, respectively, are also options.


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I'm just starting out as a short-story fetish writer, mainly focused on what I understand has been dubbed "Erotic Disintegration", encompassing everything from melting, crumbling to ash, exploding into dust and withering to bone, either bleached or blackened. I've got several friends who I role play with, and am always looking for more villainous women to battle, and these stories are based on them. So thank you all for inspiring these stories, you know who you are, I hope you like them :)!


All of my stories are full of highly graphic sexual material, violence and death. Needless to say, no humans or other creatures were harmed in the creation of these stories, they are merely tales of battle and defeat, purely for the spank-banks of those who appreciate this type of fetish! I love women, I have no desire to harm anyone outside my little world of story-telling; but tread carefully, those who choose to enter it, unless you wish to be destroyed!


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